Soliloquy – Poetry as a Lonely Endeavour

They say once you have perfected the art
of being alone
you are ready for this world,
the weight of misinterpretation is almost enough to topple me,
the current sufficient to take me down far stream.
What use is Poetry?
What’s the function of Poets?
What good does it do nowadays are just few of the absurdities
which I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Listen here
in times of adversity poetry is twilight on fire,
the sand more sepia,
a miracle that arrives when the heart least expects it,
its words are kindness,
a conversation,
a concern and at times a rebellion.
Poetry understands anxieties and ghosts that haunt one’s mind,
head in the clouds,
impractical and incapable of dealing with matters
listen here
Poetry will wield your taunts and brandish its reply like a sword,
the answer to your query is simple
we are warriors of light, of truth, of words and clear manifestation
of spirituality and hope,
our function is to give deeper meaning to the world,
as we create a path between two points, such that runs beneath seas
and mountains.

So, the next time you come across a Poet in the street
take a moment
and see him for what he truly is.


Photo credits: Loui Jover, Sonata

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