Soliloquy – In light of a single lamp

Poem inspired by the title of Allen Ginsberg’s poetic masterpiece, “Understand that this is a dream.”

Understand that this is a dream
of which the heart knows nothing of,
a corner
where roses a shade of currant red hung
while mournful
these eyes of mine observe what stings
in place of dust,
swirling and lining the atmosphere though never losing hope
that serenity will prevail,
now that vision has cleared and I catch a glimpse
of your smiling face,
stealing the breath of April,
the sigh that escapes your lips is slow,
almost brooding
yet you look me straight in the eye as though sunshine
the sort that glows
behind patches of grey on a cloudy morning,
tell me,
were you a dove painted black
would you think me shallow enough to cast you aside?
Would you believe yourself unworthy of love?
Tell me, would you be able to see
despite varying circumstances my decision is still the same,
like words
these winds do stir the broken pieces,
reminds that time is akin to a double-edged sword,
if yesteryear was cherry
then present day is cream but first understand that this is a dream.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads