Portrait of a Woman

Gently claiming you, 
your woes unburdened as silent sighs into my skin
hushed is winter
and as much as I’d like to admit I am enamored by truth
which you have pressed by lips
upon lips
your eyes mirroring all that I am as night drifts into the arms of dawn.

It was a reminder that I needed from time to time,
this fire
this conviction that plunges me into the impossible
reminding me
that I am sun, I am camellia, I am woman
I bleed ardor
all the while dodging pessimism that threatens to thwart my goals
I believe in hope
though darkness is as though curtains closing
my heart

as open as the clear blue sky resting in sweet lullaby of your own.

Here I am
glancing causally upon deer tongue until it blooms
I stretch my toes and lift my face upwards
the glare of the world is not condescending enough
to scorn

Spring rushes toward like a tide and I offer my soul
to cleanse

the question no longer remains how can I
it beckons me come and shine from within.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United