Somewhere along the way

Lust is a chocolate bar made with cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla that melts upon the tongue and deprives one of better sense and judgment.

Sometimes I wonder how morose the lyrics would be if one were to transform this one-sided love story into a song.  You tortured me in the most caring of ways, convinced me of loyalty when in truth everything even remotely related was a lie, a means of duping my fragile heart — in reality you are lipstick smear, a travesty and a stain.

I am done blaming myself, I’d rather live in the present than wallow in waters of the past. You are the chapter I don’t regret writing for it taught me to distinguish and appreciate love for what it truly was.

Between now and then a lot has changed, or should I say matured as I breathe in the mild perfume of March. I am peaceful in my journey toward self-discovery and accomplishment of goals.  It’s close to Spring and yet the weather here is so unbearably cold and raging that the idea of tulip buds blooming is near to impossible.

Years from now I shall look back and laugh, I’d be telling my grandchildren stories of how I met their grandfather. Maturity is accepting the person you once were before running into wisdom somewhere along the way.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Inspired by the poem “Love poem to cover my bases.”

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