The Fire Within

the wind greets plumeria and skin just the same
its currents
piercing through with a roughness that cannot be explained
no don’t touch me,
I ache not for smudges nor tastes
that linger on
your hands are incompatible with the fire within.

There is a sanguine wonder as lavender melts
into grey
beneath the moonlight, yet my mind is a busy street
as silence
is replaced by warning bells
your eyes are thunderstorm when all I require
is calm.

I find that centuries stutter at imprecise units
of measurement,
at mere movement in the shadows,
at longitude
and latitude lines that form a grid on the Earth
tell me
how do you expect me to let you unearth me
with delight.

I am primrose whose color is used to weave dreams from,
the older I become
the more aware I am of what’s forbidden
as though plucking a strawberry in the light of the morning
before it has turned scarlet,
this insatiate dance of your lips is more than I can handle.

April is a landscape shuddering at the thought of stifling
its song
this isn’t something that I am in favour of
I am the afternoon sun, smouldering yellow
and untried
I am not the type to be teasingly opened.


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Word List: Inseparable, smudge, centuries, shadows, primrose, forbidden.

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The Other Side Of Twilight

though brittle and dried
I wonder
what stripped them of tangerine hue
the evening takes my name
and sighs
as a thousand epiphanies run through my mind
the world’s substituted “trolling with lust,”
sunflowers had a hard time resisting temptation too.


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A Shade Darker

The low sky had become charcoal grey
so much
so that the moon heard not voices
that swallowed the world
and peace of centuries which dwelt
in green pastures,

amidst the shadows sleep swans, their dreams amalgamating
into one
I consider choosing you
knowing well that Cygnus would approve
you see
I have had these instances
where chrysanthemums have urged me to feed my soul
is the journey I wish to embark upon, as laughter grows
into something fond,
a feeling
cherished and stored for days
when the sky threatens to turn
a shade darker.


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Read here about The Swan in Celtic Mythology.

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Portrait of a Woman

Gently claiming you, 
your woes unburdened as silent sighs into my skin
hushed is winter
and as much as I’d like to admit I am enamored by truth
which you have pressed by lips
upon lips
your eyes mirroring all that I am as night drifts into the arms of dawn.

It was a reminder that I needed from time to time,
this fire
this conviction that plunges me into the impossible
reminding me
that I am sun, I am camellia, I am woman
I bleed ardor
all the while dodging pessimism that threatens to thwart my goals
I believe in hope
though darkness is as though curtains closing
my heart

as open as the clear blue sky resting in sweet lullaby of your own.

Here I am
glancing causally upon deer tongue until it blooms
I stretch my toes and lift my face upwards
the glare of the world is not condescending enough
to scorn

Spring rushes toward like a tide and I offer my soul
to cleanse

the question no longer remains how can I
it beckons me come and shine from within.


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As Calla Lily Mourns

Touching my skin the sky sheds both tears
and blood

as world around me is punctuated by ash.
We are never able to forget, not really anyway
tell me what would you do
if you woke up one morning to find everything that you ever loved was below
the ground?
Tell me what use is prejudice
if a child is left mourning in the heat of the midday sun?
Believe me
when I say pain has no definition when it comes to bearing a casket.

Drowning is quiet
as mind digests and slips further and further
into the darkness,

how many more lives until we realize hatred is not the answer?
I encapsulate a world filled with nothing
a future where even the wind knows not its name,
we step up and strive together to bring about a change
Look into my eyes
can you see fresh hurt welling up inside?
Feel the pounding of my heart
can you feel its longing for balance and justice?

This Spring,
come let us offer a prayer as fluid as rain,
until twilight revokes the return of bitterness of hours before
somebody once asked me, “why do you care so much?”
To this I am replying with a poem
I found out what it’s like to be without hope a long time ago.


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