The Kisser’s Handbook

A tribute response to Joseph Legaspi’s poem, ‘The Kisser’s Handbook.’

Invigorating and intense is love.
A kiss that hints at butterscotch, caramel,
and tuberose fragrance.

I find I am unable to read your lips
they are caressing mine,
as whisper, as promise,
and a sigh followed by consummation.

A kiss is more personal
more private than sharing a secret
it’s a bond that blossoms between two people
a thought
muddled by cologne, macadamia nuts
and strawberries.

If rushed it’s probably awkward and first,
as emotions overwhelm and take charge
of the senses,
if delicate, a kiss is playful
almost teasing
as raindrops that pour and tickle flower buds
and foliage.

A kiss dances in the corridors of memory,
makes one blush
as hours pass away as though they are nothing.

When lingering upon shy lower lip,
I am a cloud
willing to embrace the setting sun
when urgent
I seek to travel to collarbone, from decade
to decade
and from dusk till dawn.

Because I am the shore that ocean longs to meet,
ours is a parable timeless,
a love song whose words are from the scripture.

A kiss
is a conversation you have when all else fails.


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