You, therefore

I have felt rain
on top of my head,
heard soft crackling
of wood
and seen individual flames burn,
yet I know not this feeling that gushes toward
like the ocean
every time when I hear your voice.

It’s said that sensitivity is a staircase
each step
that we take allows ourselves to move in
another inch closer
nowhere to go
when you watch me as though I have got stars
in my eyes
I want to wrap my arms around you
as roots that grow
be the sun, the soil and wind
that your heart and soul requires to blossom
and never let you go.

You are nerves
You are sensation
soft petals red that swirl and caress my feet, 
before you
I’d merely dipped into desire
as a maiden unaware of first love,
first touch.
It breaks away and spreads as ripples in a lake
past memories, past woes, past pain
I have held my breath time and again
at mere thought of pressing your lips
against mine
sweet is ardor
salty is ache
your gaze is enough to melt the hardest of beings.

Come February,
I am wind-chimes in the winter breeze
a mimosa plant
awaiting the slightest chance
that a beloved comes and sets me free.


Photo credits: Pinterest 

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