February Twilight

Neither merlot nor pink,
is mirror and its gaze
a simple thing as touch is invisible
it can only be felt
like rays of the sun
or dew drops that glimmer upon a slope of grass.

Moments after the sky is tinted orange
I would sit with the thought of you
reminisce thunderous heartbeat
and drown
how alive is rhythm and yet nowhere
in sight
just as mist of your breath which hangs in twilight
February is just beginning
yet the prospect of you
has me blushing
in exchange for every promise, kiss and stolen glance
I’d give anything just to be near you
by your side
This innocence of yours has birthed in me
white hot desire.

This heart of mine is somewhat restless
as amaryllis bulbs join with darkened, clouded night
I am betrayed by anatomy
every emotion that comes together to form the art of my soul
it’s hard to imagine one wanting it any other way–
Come paint me,
as I close my eyes
knowing your hands will be softer in my dreams
invisible is barrier,
invisible is doting
I can contain no longer as winter days bathe longing.


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