In City of Grey Mists and Unfulfilled Desires

A shade of forgotten dreams,
an hour
before sunlight hits the stream
here the water is emerald
darker in the shadows and restrained
in light,
I want to withdraw agony
and give it voice
witness stories unfurl from painted lips.

To the fury of gentle yet audacious heart
darkness is a love letter silvered
with legend,
its shimmering sentences like frost
at dawn
like the lost days of January,
my words catch fire only when I write
of you
when in a moment of weakness I drown
into your skin,
fear no more than a blank canvass

When the last rays of the raspberry sun
melt into grey
that’s when the cardinals begin to pair up
and sing,
sometimes I watch them for a while
as the blood runs cold through my veins
and I remind myself
you are now a breath dissolving into decaying city.

Darkness is longing
darkness is standing beneath a fragile sky knowing
you can never be mine
and when the moon arises right before soft lullaby
banishes the storm,
I shall surrender myself to the night. 


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for “Midweek Motif” @ Poets United 

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