Love poem to cover my bases

Like a cigarette raised to eloquent lips,
consumes one like the ocean
stretching itself until it’s only an inch away from toes.
In my mind 
there is a constant echo 
of the time I first saw you, the way our eyes met
across the hallway.
Tell me, is it just me
or was there something about the way wind blew
that made me want to reach out 
since feeling was fresh with bloom–

I walk towards you in a velvet blue dress,
with the reminder of an errand stirring inside my breast.
It felt natural,
it felt like morning falling into easy rhythm 
I am gloriously ignorant of years that are waiting to unravel themselves. 
What was it about you
that drew me like moth to a flame?
I wonder up to this very day
as the sun turns a shade darker, 
of berry, blush
and a thousand lifelong promises

I refuse to dwell in the past,
to be honest I am bored with the idea of you,
it leaves me yearning 
like a note slipped deep inside the pocket 
like a secret
I am tired of longing for deep conversation, of silken skin to peruse
and embrace
in truth you are travesty, a lipstick smear
and a stain
I am dangerously close to changing my perspective. 
is knowing I can’t have you. 


Photo credits: Pinterest

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