January in the heart of a Poet

There comes a time
when desolate soul requires healing period,
its colors toned down
as though washed in translucent water 
kissing the brow 
a warm and pink shade. 

Late evening hush has come to the streets
as the last vestiges of sangria sun
over the horizon.
Such is life as dawn, decision
and determination
out of pure nothingness.

Starting over,
can either be the simplest
or the most frightening thing in the world,
be it a budding rose
or a blank page 
both in the end are represented
with a heartfelt wish, prayer and hope.
We are out there
breathing and searching for clues
in the darkness
knowing deep down that the right time,
sweet moment 
is waiting for us just around the corner. 

I am at a certain point in my life 
where every fibre 
every inch of my poetic soul 
yearns for renewal 
for a chance to leap forward and spring
into the world.


Photo credits: Joseph Zbukvic – Watercolor

Posted for ‘Midweek Motif’ @ Poets United


& posted on Open Link Night @ dVerse Pub